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The Luxury Train Club, your concierge for luxury train travel, presents all the world's greatest rail journeys and luxury trains.

The World's best rail holidays from Luxury Train Club
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Travel in the 20th century was about speed.

Now, discerning individuals seek more relaxed, sustainable journeys. Luxury trains are at the pinnacle of this aspiration.

Few people have any idea of what luxury train travel means; it really is a fantastic feeling to be a pampered passenger on a luxury train that travels through spectacular scenery, halting a while at iconic destinations.

The privacy of a  comfortable suite, fabulous cuisine served in beautiful surroundings, cocktails enjoyed in wonderful bar cars all contribute to an experience that is not forgotten easily and that becomes one of life's treasured memories.

From little gems to ultimate luxury, the Club offers a fascinating collection of the world's best trains. Join free, simply subscribe to our monthly newsletter for ideas and offers.

I am sure you will fall in love with luxury train travel.


Train Chartering – Luxury Train Club ABTA member

Train Chartering – Luxury Train Club  ABTA member ABTA membership has been granted to Train Chartering, owner of The Luxury Train Club

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Luxury Train Offers and Benefits for Club Members Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

Luxury Train Offers and Benefits for Club Members - The Luxury Train Club presents what is probably the only list, anywhere, of so many luxury train offers, discounts, gifts and reduced prices on rail cruises.

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Al Andalus Europe, Spain

Al Andalus - 6-day luxury train journeys with some original, restored, Wagons-Lits carriages (late 1920s) creating a romantic travel experience. All suites have private bathrooms.

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Eastern and Oriental Express Asia, Singapore, Thailand

Eastern and Oriental Express - Experience a panoramic view of the mystical landscapes of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos.

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