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Seven Stars Kyushu Japan

Blue Moon Lounge 
Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club
Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club
Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club
Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club
Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club
Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club

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Seven Stars in Kyushu

Late Availability News: Seven Stars in Kyushu

4 days / 3 nights, 22-25 Oct 2019, Suite for two with Ryokan Sansou Murata

2 days / 1 night, 9-10 Nove 2019, Suite for Two

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About Seven Stars Kyushu

The carefully-crafted itineraries of Seven Stars in Kyushu allow travellers to enjoy the best of the on-board experience as well as the scenery outside the train. Seven Stars in Kyushu is not just a train but also a showcase for the best of Japanese artistry; even the washbasins are a limited edition.

Seven Stars is about the living soul of the island of Kyushu Japan, with close connections to communities along the way.

Traveller Feedback

"Let me rhapsodize! We have been on 10 luxury trains and this is, by far, the roomiest and comfortable of them all. The beautiful sinks alone are worth a sightseeing tour (each one different). The bathroom is large and a joy. The closet is even bigger than most. The food is brought onto the train by different chefs each day. They are always beautifully presented and delicious. We had a translator, sometimes two, always at our side on the sightseeing times."

Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Video

Kyushu Island

Kyushu Island is considered a gateway to Asia, the closest Japanese island to the continental mainland. It has a high-speed Shinkansen network and 10 top quality tourist trains.


Blue Moon Lounge Car on Seven Stars

Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club Blue Moon Lounge

The Blue Moon lounge car is a restful place during the day, with a fully-attended bar service. Passengers can enjoy the panoramic views from comfortable sofas.

In the evenings the contemporary Japanese atmosphere is complimented by live musical entertainment.

Jupiter Dining Car

Superlative service, friendly but not over-bearing, characterises the dining experience in the Jupiter Dining Car of Seven Stars Enjoy the best of Kyushu, chef-prepared and steward-served.

Seven Stars Suite Types

Seven Stars in Kyushu Luxury Train Club suite April 2018

There are 12 spacious Suites, each with a sitting area and a private bathroom. The Suite Carriages have just 3 bedrooms per car. One Suite is modified for those with reduced mobility and is the closest to Jupiter Dining Car and Blue Moon Lounge Car. Cars 3 to 6 contain the Suites.

Seven Stars Kyushu Suites plan Luxury Train Club

Example of Suites - these are in Car 5

Each Suite accommodates up to 2 passengers and are around 10m2 . The beds are foldable, and during the day they are used as sofas. Private showers and toilets. Suite 301 is barrier free (accessible), so can be used by those in wheelchairs. Twin beds in Suite 403 can be made into a double bed.


Seven Stars Kyushu Deluxe Suite A2

The carriage at one end has the two very special and hard to obtain Deluxe Suites with a Lounge and private bathroom. The Deluxe Suites can accommodate 3 persons each.

Seven Stars Kyushu Deluxe Suites plan Luxury Train Club

Deluxe A is 21sq.m. (226 sq.ft) with a rear window across the whole car. Deluxe Suite A has twin beds.

Deluxe B is 17 sq.m. (183 sq.ft). The twin beds in Deluxe Suite B can be made into a double bed.


Kyushu is blessed with radiant sunshine, towering mountains and, of course, bountiful oceans.

These blessings are reflected in the cuisine on the train. The Jupiter Dining Car offers seasonal ingredients from the countryside and seas of Kyushu. Passengers also have opportunities to dine in selected restaurants along the route.

Itineraries of Seven Stars in Kyushu

Seven Stars Kyushu Luxury Train Club map

4 Days / 3 Nights

This four-day journey around Kyushu travels through five prefectures - Fukuoka, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto. The itinerary combines many of Kyushu's key sites. You will, for instance, stay in Yufuin Onsen, one of Kyushu’s foremost traditional ryokans. Ask for the full itinerary.

2 Days / 2 Nights

This round trip of northern Kyushu travels through Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto. Day 1 - Arita: pottery from Arita has a 400 year history. Some examples are on board the train. Full itinerary available.

Dates 2020 / 2021

4 Days / 3 Nights

2020 April 7 - 10 / May 19 - 22 / October 20 - 23 / December 1 - 4

May 9 - 12 is unavailable. Other May 2020 dates may soon be released.

2021 March 9 - 12

Further 2021 dates will be made available later; please ask to be kept informed.

These dates are in prime seasons for sight seeing in Japan.

2 Days / 1 Nights

Ask for details of any 2 days / 1 night departures.

General Dates. Other reservations may be subject to timed and limited applications Please note: exceptionally, Club discount is not available for this journey. Please inquire to register your interest for a future allocation.

General Information, Seven Stars Kyushu

Seven Stars in Kyushu Useful Guide Luxury Train Club

As well as information below about Seven Stars in Kyushu, we recommend this useful guide (version current as at 23.7.19).

Tickets. Following balance payment, a questionnaire is sent to clients. When completed, a personal itinerary is emailed. Tickets are issued at check-in.

Hotels. Upon booking the train, a list of recommended hotels is sent out.

Transfers. There are complimentary transfers from the recommended hotels (as per the list to be sent out). If your arrival is by bullet train on the day of the train departure, please inform us of the arrival time and the train staff will meet and guide you to the lounge. Guests are recommended on the 4 day journey to be at the lounge by 10:30am.

Train and Carriage Plans

Seven Stars Kyushu Luxury Train Club carriage layout


These are the ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) at one of which you will stay for one night during the itinerary. Please advise your preference on inquiry.

Yufuin Tamanoyu The Yufuin Tamanoyu used to be a sanatorium for Zen priests and has been modified to a modern hotel preserving its traditional parts since 1953.The beautiful natural forest of 2.5 acre is dotted with independent 16 guestrooms built in the traditional Japanese style.

Kamenoi Besso Located next to Lake Kinrin, this quiet ryokan has 15 cottages. The rooms have private hot springs, and all rooms except for Deluxe Suite A guests are Japanese-style rooms.

Sansou Murata The specialty of this ryokan is in the perfect marriage of the old and modern architecture recreating something new. The cuisine is creative Japanese.

More details about the Seven Stars ryokans are here.

Gratuities. These are not necessary in Japan. But if guests wish to give something, then the staff will appreciate it.

Dress Code. Please wear comfortable attire for excursions - up to smart casual - and dress for dinner.

Seven Stars Kyushu smart casual dress code

Smart casual - the train company suggests 'like on a weekend excursion, with a jacket for a smart touch'. Gentlemen - Jacket, collared shirt, trouser / slacks and blazer, Japanese kimono. Ladies - One-piece dress, suit, jacket, Japanese kimono.

Seven Stars Kyushu dress code dinner

Dinner on board - 'attire like going out for an anniversary dinner'. Gentlemen - Suit, blazer, jacket Japanese kimono. Ladies - Dress, suit, jacket, blouse, skirt, Japanese kimono. Please refrain from wearing: sportswear, ripped jeans, geta or sandals if wearing kimono, and (except for excursions) shorts, sneakers or t-shirts.

Unforeseen events/changes. Itineraries, routes and times may change at any time for reasons outside the control of the train company. Every effort will be made by train staff to minimise any impact; the Luxury Train Club cannot accept any responsibility for any changes. The Club aims to keep itineraries as up to date as possible.

Weather. Weather information from the Japan Tourist Office.

Japan Rail Passes

Japan Rail Passes


Availability on Seven Stars in Kyushu is very limited and difficult to obtain. Contact us to inquire.

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