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Luxury Train Cleaning Processes

Rovos Luxury Train Club
Orient Express Luxury Train Club

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes

Every luxury train already had a comprehensive cleaning process before the coronavirus pandemic. This is necessary to maintain standards for discerning passengers. In addition, luxury train companies need to maximise investment in the carriages. It is also notable that something about these monarchs of the rail develops team spirit and pride in their crews.

With the Covid-19, luxury train cleaning processes have been further developed. Here are some examples; please contact the Club for further information, which will be udpated frequently.

Go here for general travel and health advice from governments, WHO and other organisations.

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Luxury Train Club

Belmond Trains & Cruises

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Luxury Train Club

Here is information about Belmond Covid-19 cleaning processes for Belmond Trains and Belmond Cruises - Riverboats / Barges.

These are the Belmond luxury trains - Belmond Andean Explorer (Peru), Belmond British Pullman (UK), Belmond Grand Hibernian (Ireland), Belmond Hiram Bingham (Peru), Belmond Royal Scotsman (Scotland), Eastern and Oriental Express (Singapore / Thailand), Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (Europe).

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Belmond Luxury Train Club

Blue Train

The Blue Train has been running since 1946. It offers a unique way of experiencing some of Southern Africa’s magnificent landscapes and landmarks. Take a journey into a timeless world of grace; elegance and romance, where spectacular scenery will stir your imagination and luxurious comfort will soothe your mind, body and soul.

Booking Process

When confirming bookings, guests are to submit dietary requirements and complete a pre- screening questionnaire which includes a declaration of COVID-19 symptoms. Should guests meet all requirements, confirmation will proceed. Should guests not meet the pre-screening requirements, the booking will be deferred to a later date.

Before Travel

The Blue Train will be in touch with guests to pre-screen them several times prior to departure date.

Departure Day

A second pre-screening process involves a follow-up questionnaire emailed to guests. If three or more questions in the questionnaire are affirmative, The Blue Train’s Health and Safety Department will make contact for further clarity.

Arrival at Departure Lounge

On arrival at the Departure Lounge, guests are met by Blue Train butlers wearing masks, latex gloves and maintaining a safe social distance of 2 metres. Guests are required to wear a cloth mask and to sanitize their hands. Butlers assist with luggage, while keeping a safe distance. After luggage registration, guests are shown into the Departure Lounge, still observing social distancing.

Check-in Process

On check-in at the Departure Lounge, guests observe social distancing, standing in demarcated areas. Guests sanitize their hands at the Lounge entrance of the lounge and have temperature scanning. If the temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius, guests are taken to a cooling room. A medical practitioner checks the guest. If cleared, the guest goes to check-in. If not cleared, the guest’s booking is deferred to a later date. After check-in, a safety kit with three cloth masks, 50ml sanitizer, wet wipes and three pairs of latex gloves will be issued to each guest.

Departure Lounge Experience

After checking in, while enjoying canapes, sparkling wine and live music, guests are positioned to avoid large groups. This positioning is largely based on travelling companions for not only reduced transmission risk, but also for contact tracing in the event of a positive case.

On board The Blue Train

The Blue Train crew wear face masks and latex gloves. Each staff member have their own hand sanitizer. All suites will be have additional soap.

The air conditioning system is cleaned and disinfected for every departure.

Dining Car

Tables for four guests have an extended partition glass, turning them into cubicles. Guests only eat with their travelling companions.

Public Areas

The Observation, Lounge and Club Cars only admit a maximum of 20 guests at a time. There is constant surface cleaning when guests leave the area.

Additional Support

There is a medical practitioner on board The Blue Train and an isolation car with two suites for quarantine purposes.

Constant steam cleaning of all upholstery and surface disinfecting of all furniture, doors, handles, toilets, trash bins and toothbrush beakers is done. All cleaning detergents are in line with the World Health Organisation and South African Tourism guidelines.

En-route Screening for Guests

Guests are tested in the morning, before breakfast. If an high temperature is recorded, the guest is quarantined. If the guest shows Covid-19 symptoms (or any other medical condition) on board, the medical practitioner will attend until an ambulance arrives to take the guest to the nearest hospital.

En-route Screening for Crew

Crew will be screened by the medical practitioner 3 times a day. If a crew member has an high temperature, they are quarantined and replaced in service. If the crew member shows Covid-19 symptoms (or any other medical condition) on board, the medical practitioner will attend until an ambulance arrives to take the guest to the nearest hospital.

Positive Test Protocol

Should any guest or crew member test positive while en-route, all the areas and people that the positive case might have come in contact with, are identified. The medical practitioner has PPE and medical supplies to assist patients until they can be taken to hospital. The patient will be isolated during that time.


Guests who require more information on these changes and how they potentially affect their travel plans can contact the Luxury Train Club.

Golden Eagle and Danube Express

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Golden Eagle Luxury Train Club

Here is information about Golden Eagle cleaning processes. These protocols relate to Golden Eagle and Danube Express departures.

The Golden Eagle trains are best known for their trans-Siberian journeys between Moscow and Vladivostok and, using the trans-Mongolian railway, between Moscow and Beijing. They also visit the 'Stans', the republics to the south of Russia, and the Arctic Circle.

The Danube Express has a small and exclusive range of multi-day mid-European itineraries.

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Golden Eagle Luxury Train Club

Journey Beyond - Australian Luxury Trains

Journey Beyond JourneySafe Australian Luxury Train Club

Journey Beyond operate The Ghan, the Indian Pacific and the Great Southern.

The JourneySafe COVID safety protocols are enhanced procedures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. JourneySafe protocols go beyond both Government and Industry standards.

Fresh and Clean | Exceptional Hygiene

Uncompromising cleaning and hygiene practices are already a feature of these trains.

JourneySafe provides additional cleaning, sanitising and hygiene practices in all areas with particular emphasis on high touch points and hard surfaces. We use Government recommended cleaning, disinfectant and sanitisation products, routines and monitoring.

Guests and staff are frequently reminded about regular hygiene practices.

Hand sanitising stations are available in all public areas. Personal hygiene kits are available.

Air-conditioning systems are subject to thorough checks and increased routine cleaning to ensure the freshest air circulation supplemented with fresh air options.

Fit for Travel | Be Well, Journey Well

Guests are asked to complete pre-travel 'fit for travel' requirements. For some experiences, there will be temperature screenings. Guests with any symptoms of illness prior to travel will not travel.

JourneySafe has protocols for when guests or staff become unwell during travel or during an experience, including ensuring safe return from remote locations.

Staff are required to declare any symptoms and do not perform duties if unwell.

Ready to Roll | Training and Expertise

All staff have mandatory JourneySafe training and are proficient in safety protocols.

Dedicated teams continue to train staff, as well as vigorously monitor and manage JourneySafe protocols.

Experience partners (contractors and suppliers) also have appropriate COVID Safe practices.

Safe Space | Physical Distancing

Physical distancing measures are in place wherever practicable.

Where physical distancing is not possible, teams ensure the highest levels of cleaning, hygiene and personal protection options.

For dining, stricter than usual hygiene measures are in place. There are no buffets and shared platter offerings. Meals are either individually plated or individual meal or snack packs.

Dining room capacities, table spacing and dining schedules have been adapted to maintain physical distancing protocols. All beverage services are provided with the JourneySafe protocols.

All activities and experiences have been amended to ensure appropriate space, cleanliness and hygiene.

Your Way | Flexibility to Suit You

Choice should always be at the heart of great guest experience.

Journey Beyond is offering more flexibility with bookings, rescheduling and cancellation options.

In-room dining is offered wherever possible.

For journeys with optional experiences, guests can choose to do as little or as much as they like, with their experience being tailored to their needs.

Lernidee - Tsar's Gold and African Explorer

Lernidee Tsars Gold Africa Explorer Luxury Train Club

Lernidee operates the Tsar's Gold and the African Explorer.

Lernidee are constantly optimizing hygiene and safety measures, which take into account travel restrictions and the status of destinations as well as the most up-to-date research on infection control. However, they also count on guests to cooperate and to take personal responsibility in order to ensure mutual health and safety.


All guests and employees sign confirming that they are healthy and fit for travel and that they abide by the rules of conduct during the trip. Guests should check themselves carefully for common symptoms of COVID-19 before the start of the trip— travel only if you do not exhibit any symptoms typical of COVID-19.

If necessary, temperature tests and ad hoc examinations can be conducted in destination.

Protective Masks

All guests and employees must use a mask to cover the mouth and nose in common areas (e.g. dining cars). Masks are not required inside cabins and compartments, during meals, or outdoors.


Lernidee adheres to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Surfaces that routinely come into contact with guests regularly cleaned and disinfected. A strict record of these regular cleanings is kept and displayed for inspection. Contact with such surfaces is minimized as much as possible.

Disinfectants will be available on board the trains, in cabins, in compartments and in common areas (e.g. dining cars). They are also be available from tour guides during excursions.

Responsible Conduct

All guests and employees must wash their hands regularly and follow proper etiquette when coughing or sneezing. Proper use of provided disinfectants is also required.

Social distancing is practiced as much as possible. This includes keeping the appropriate distance from others and for guests to have meals in smaller groups. Boarding and disembarking trains takes place in a structured manner, and sightseeing takes place outside peak hours. Crowds will be avoided whenever possible.

Clear Rules

Journey-specific rules of conduct apply to each trip and are communicated before the start of travel in document form. These rules are also be communicated during travel via notices and announcements as well as directly from tour guides.

Infection Control Protocol

Lernidee Infection Control Protocol defines how suspected and confirmed infections are to be handled.


Lernidee provides employees with the competence to manage emergency situations through continuous training.

Medical Assistance

Doctors and other medical professionals are available in destinations. On certain journeys, there are doctors on board. Guests must inform their tour guide immediately if feeling ill or experiencing typical Covid-19 symptoms.

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer cleaning Luxury Train Club

Rocky Mountaineer in Canada is a luxury train with fine dining, allowing perfect views, with enthralling excursions and relaxing nights' sleep in hotels along the way all combine to create a memorable Rockies journey.

Rovos Pride of Africa

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Rovos Luxury Train Club

Rovos Rail has a style all its own with train tours that have a blend of earthy African safari and traditional luxury - except that relaxing in a full-sized bath in a train has always been rare, even on royal trains.

Go here for Rovos Covid-19 Cleaning Processes. (May 2020)

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Rovos Luxury Train Club

These protocols cover both Rovos Rail and the Shongololo Express. They will change over the coming months according to governmental and health authority requirements.

Go here for general travel and health advice from governments, WHO and other organisations.

Rovos Staff pay tribute to Rovos Rail Ltd

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Rovos Luxury Train Club

Seven Stars in Kyushu

Luxury Train Cleaning Processes Seven Stars Kyushu Luxury Train Club

Seven Stars in Kyushu showcases the best of Japanese artistry and the island of Kyushu, Japan.

4-day / 3-night tour (1 night in a ryokan) or 2-day / 1 night tour.The carefully-crafted itineraries of Seven Stars in Kyushu allow travellers to enjoy the best of the on-board experience as well as the scenery outside the train.

Seven Stars in Kyushu suspended operations in mid-March 2020.

Feedback: "I was overwhelmed by this video and the song. The only word I recognized was Japanese for Thank You. I should be thanking them for this lovely few minutes". Luxury Train Club Member

Go here for more about Seven Stars Kyushu Covid-19 cleaning processes.


Please contact the Club for more information about luxury train cleaning processes.


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