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Belmond Covid-19 cleaning processes

Covid-19 Cleaning 
Belmond Covid-19 Cleaning Processes Luxury Train Club

Belmond Covid-19 cleaning processes Luxury Train Club

Every luxury train including the Belmond trains already had a comprehensive cleaning process before the coronavirus pandemic. This is necessary to maintain standards for discerning passengers. In addition, all luxury train companies need to maximise investment in the carriages. It is also notable that something about these monarchs of the rail develops team spirit and pride in their crews.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, Belmond luxury train cleaning processes have been further developed.

Please ask us for the train-specific health and safety booklet for:

Belmond British Pullman / Belmond Grand Hibernian / Belmond Royal Scotsman / Eastern & Oriental Express / Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Here are some frequently asked questions about Belmond Covid-19 cleaning processes on their luxury trains, riverboats / barges and in their hotels. Information summarised from Belmond update on 19 May 2020.

Be aware. Travel wisely. Live the moment.

Here are the Belmond luxury trains.

Here are the Belmond riverboats / barges.

Belmond Covid-19 Cleaning Processes Luxury Train Club


Question: What are the changes you are making to cleaning practices?

Answer: We are implementing a series of new cleaning protocols for our Belmond Covid-19 cleaning processes. Belmond are including extra protocols for staff personal hygiene, removing unnecessary touch points, cleaning and disinfection and social distancing.

Belmond has established procedures for deep cleaning of its properties, for example following a period of seasonal closure. We will be conducting a full deep clean, following these well-established best practices. For extra protection, specific anti-Covid 19 measures will be carried out.

These measures include: Deep cleaning of curtains, fabrics, quilts, pillows, and cushions; Floors and hard surfaces will be cleaned with an approved anti-Covid 19 product. Carpets will be disinfected, and upholstered furniture and mattresses will be steam cleaned.

The super-chlorination of all swimming pools will be carried out prior to re-opening. Pools that are open will be staffed to ensure social distancing.

Belmond will be carefully reviewing government advice about PPE (personal protective equipment). Where necessary, Belmond employees will wear PPE. Face covers will be available for guests. Standard operating procedures will be updated based on local regulations.

Our comprehensive operating procedures for regular cleaning will be further enhanced, using yet stronger anti-Covid 19 disinfectants.

Every property will have a safety management team to ensure employees have regular training on these protocols. We have an outside specialist (SGS) to ensure that standards are reviewed and validated. Protocols and procedures will be updated based on guidance from relevant health and industry authorities.


Question: Will the properties change their check in process?

Answer: Belmond will ask guests who book direct to complete check-in before arrival. Belmond will provide pre-arrival advice to answer frequently asked questions and offer property-specific information, including the anti-Covid 19 protocols. Belmond staff will be available on arrival for any questions.

Belmond Covid-19 Cleaning Processes Luxury Train Club


Question: What measures will be in place in the restaurants?

Answer: Buffets and self-service options will not be provided; they will be replaced by a-la-carte.

We are reviewing floor plans and making use of outdoor dining options as well as staggering dining times and minimal capacity measures to maintain social distancing. The specifics of these measures are up to the property’s staff, consulting with health bodies and outside specialists.


Question: Will you be putting in place measures to check guests on arrival for symptoms of Covid-19?

Answer: Belmond will require guests to undergo a temperature check on arrival and to complete a thorough registration form. If a guest has a high temperature, or any other Covid-19 symptoms, they will be asked to travel later and will be cared for in a separate designated room pending until suitable onward care.


Question: Will you offer enhanced in-room dining experiences to limit interaction with other guests?

Answer: Belmond will offer in-room breakfast and dining, subject to strict Covid-19 guidelines.


Question: How will the spa experience change?

Answer: Spas may remain closed and will only open on a case by case basis subject to social distancing and hygiene measures. Guests will be notified of the services available prior to arrival. Spas, if open, will meet our enhanced cleaning protocols.


Question: Will any of the activities that you arrange (hiking/horse-riding) be taking place under these rules?

Answer: Excursions will continue if possible but with added protocols. Guides will wash their hands regularly and will wear face-covers. Guests will be offered face covers.


Question: Will there be any particular arrangements made for elderly guests under these rules?

Answer: We will ensure that guests have the latest information before arrival on protective measures in place and what to expect throughout their stay. Guests will be asked whether they have any special requirements or particular preferences; we will always seek to accommodate these requests.

Belmond Covid-19 Cleaning Processes Luxury Train Club


Question: How is Belmond specifically preparing their employees to protect them at work?

Answer: As well as providing comprehensive training to all employees, Belmond is working with suppliers to equip their staff with the necessary protective equipment. Belmond will ensure that face-to-face contact will be reduced. A safety management team will be at every property to ensure employees receive continual training. We have engaged an outside specialist to ensure that standards are reviewed and validated. All protocols and procedures will be updated in line with the latest guidance from health and industry authorities.


Question: When will Belmond hotels, trains and river cruises be open?

Answer: Belmond is closely following the latest guidance from government and world health authorities. We are undertaking a full review of our operations to ensure that our health and safety protocols meet all new requirements. We will reopen our properties when it is safe and legal to do so.

We are preparing for the most of our operations to resume in Summer 2020; this is under constant review. Our website and reservations teams will have the latest information.


Question: How long are the health and safety measures going to last?

Answer: How the pandemic will progress is unclear. Belmond is making preparations across our hotels and experiences for all eventualities.

Belmond will follow closely the latest guidance from governments and world health authorities and will undertake review our operations to ensure that our comprehensive health and safety protocols, developed in partnership with an outside specialist (SGS), continue to meet the highest of standards, adhering to all new requirements.

Belmond Covid-19 Cleaning Luxury Train Club


The Luxury Train Club is a major agency for belmond Trains and Cruises. Please contact us with any questions about Belmond Covid-19 cleaning processes on their luxury trains and riverboats / barges.

Belmond Covid-19 Cleaning Processes

Useful Information

The Luxury Train Club has a list of links to useful information about travel advice and travel health advisories.

Go here for the press release from SGS, the outside specialist used by Belmond, covering its approach to testing Covid-19 cleaning processes. SGS is a inspection, verification, testing and certification company.


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