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Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow


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Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow from the Luxury Train Club

Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow

Beijing — Erlian — Ulan Bator — Ulan-Ude — Lake Baikal — Irkutsk — Novosibirsk — Yekaterinburg — Kazan — Moscow

Russia is a mysterious country; many have tried to understand it. Both Lev Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote about the restless Russian soul torn between oriental traditions and western civilization. To understand Russia, one can get on a train and cross it from East to West on the Trans-Siberian Railway; thousands of kilometers from the Pacific to the Baltic.

Summary, Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow

You will start your journey in Beijing. Visiting Tienanmen Square capable of holding a million people, the world’s largest urban area. Here there are the National Museum of China, the House of People’s Meetings, the Monument to the People’s Heroes and the Forbidden City. After taking in these sites, there will be dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Next stop is the exotic Asia: Mongolia — Ulan Bator.

Ulan-Ude — another Russian city on this journey but people here are native Siberians (Buryats).

Lake Baikal is one of the major highlights of the trip. It is in the center of the Asia on the border of Irkutsk Oblast and Republic of Buryatia. It is the deepest lake in the world and the largest natural water lake by capacity.

Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg — each city with many secrets. The next stop is Kazan, capital of the medieval Khanate of Kazan connecting Christianity with Islam.

Lastly - Moscow. Visit the Kremlin, symbol of the Russian State. It is one of the greatest architectural complexes in the world, a treasure house of magnificent relics and monuments of art. Walk along Arbat Street and visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Itinerary, Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow

Day 1 — Beijing

Transfer from the airport to an hotel.

Visit Tienanmen Square — capable of holding a million people, the world’s largest urban area. The National Museum of China, the Great Hall of the People, the majestic Monument to the People’s Heroes, Forbidden City.

Accommodation in a hotel. Dinner.

Day 2 — Beijing

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the Great Wall of China. Lunch.

Visit the Summer Palace. Dinner at the Quánjùdé Roast Duck Restaurant.

Day 3 — Beijing

Breakfast at the hotel. The Chinese train for Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow departs.

Lunch and dinner on board.

Day 4 — Erlian

Arrival in Erlian. Lunch. Transfer (due to rail gauge change) to the Imperial Russia train .

Day 5 — Ulan Bator

Arriving to Ulan Bator.

Transfer to the camp of Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Upon arrival to the camp some time will be given to settle yurt and freshen up prior to lunch.

Lunch at the yurt camp.

After lunch the excursion to the turtle rock and enjoy beautiful scenery of the surrounding area. Hiking tour to the top of overlooking hill to have a general view of the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.

You will visit a nomadic family and get introduced to the authentic lifestyle and culture of Mongolian nomads and try traditional dairy food. Horse riding for an hour (optional), disassembling and building of a smaller Mongolian yurt.

Dinner. Watch the sunset in the steppes and see the splendour of the stars. Accommodation in yurts.

Day 6 — Ulan Bator

Breakfast at the camp. Transfer to Ulan Bator. Visit Sukhabaatar Square and Gandan Monastery.

Lunch Mongolian BBQ. Visit the Mongolian Natural History Museum, сlimb to the Zaisan hill for a view of Ulan Bator.

Folk show. Dinner. Departure from Ulan Bator.

Day 7 — Ulan-Ude

Arrival Ulan-Ude. Sightseeing tour of the city; a convenient location for strategic and economic reasons between Russia / China and Mongolia.

Ethnic and cultural diversity of this area offers a unique understanding of its heritage of the world’s religions. Visit Ivolginsky Datsan.

You will be welcomed in a Buryat family: excursion programme, reception in a traditional Buryat yurt and a folklore programme. Hospitable Buryats will teach you how to cook the traditional Buryat dish 'pozy', how to play dice, use a bow, wear a traditional Buryat costume, assemble and disassemble a felt yurt.

Depart Ulan-Ude. Dinner on board.

Day 8 — Lake Baikal

Arrival Port Baikal. Ferry trip to the Listvyanka village, the closest to Irkutsk of all the settlements on the shores of Lake Baikal.

On to Chersky Stone observation point with a fine view of the southern lake and the source of the Angara River. Lunch in a restaurant.

Visit to Baikal Museum which displays the flora and fauna of the lake. Listvyanka sightseeing. Visit to local fish and souvenir market.

Welcome back to the Imperial Russia. Dinner in a form of a picnic.

Day 9 — Irkutsk

Imperial Russia arrives Irkutsk. Tour the historical city centre including a visit to the Decembrists’ Museum, the 'wooden lace' house, beautiful city streets such as Bolshaya Prospektnaya and Karl Marx Street. Lunch at a city restaurant.

Visit to the Taltsy Museum of Architecture and Ethnography on the right bank of the Angara. Free time in the 130 Quarter, Irkutskaya Sloboda. Dinner at a city restaurant.

Departure from Irkutsk.

Day 10 — on board

Enjoy activities on board.

Day 11 — Novosibirsk

Arrival in Novosibirsk. Sightseeing tour: Railway Museum, Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, ancient streets, Ob River esplanade. Lunch.

City tour continued. Departure from Novosibirsk. Dinner on board.

Day 12 — Yekaterinburg

Imperial Russia arrives in Yekaterinburg.

City Tour dedicated to the last days of last Russian tsar. As part of the excursion you will see the Church on Blood erected to commemorate a tragic historical event, the orthodox monastery with temples that are considered to be pearls of Russian construction.

Lunch. Visit the memorial built at the boundary of two continents (the Europe and Asia). Departure from Yekaterinburg.

Dinner on board.

Day 13 — Kazan

Arriving in Kazan. City tour 'Old Kazan' (the Tartar capital is situated on the banks of the Volga). Folklore show, 'Tugan Avalim'. Kazan sightseeing (Kremlin).

Lunch including a master class on Tartar cuisine. Departure from Kazan.

Dinner on board.

Day 14 — Moscow

Arriving in Moscow. Visit the Kremlin , one of the greatest architectural complexes in the world, a treasure house of magnificent relics and monuments of art.

Lunch in a restaurant. Walk along Arbat Street, visit the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and sightseeing tour of Moscow metro stations.

Dinner. Check-in at the hotel.

Day 15 — Moscow

Transfer from hotel to airport.

Please note! Tour program changes are possible.

Contact for Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow

Contact the Club to book Imperial Russia Beijing Moscow or for more information.

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