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Imperial Russia China, Mongolia, Russia

Imperial Russia Dining Car 
Trans Siberian Luxury Train Club
Trans-Siberian Luxury Train Club
Imperial Russia trans-siberian and trans-mongolian from Luxury Train Club
Imperial Russia trans-siberian and trans-mongolian from Luxury Train Club
Imperial Russia trans-siberian and trans-mongolian from Luxury Train Club
Imperial Russia trans-siberian and trans-mongolian from Luxury Train Club
Imperial Russia trans-siberian and trans-mongolian from Luxury Train Club
Imperial Russia trans-siberian and trans-mongolian from Luxury Train Club
Imperial Russia trans-siberian and trans-mongolian from Luxury Train Club

Imperial Russia OFFERS

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Fay says, "Travelling through Russia in a train that imparts some of the opulence of Imperial Russia creates a wonderful memory."

Imperial Russia Trans-Siberian Train

Travelling in the luxury of the Imperial Russia train, visiting many of the largest historical and cultural centres of the vast Russian Empire, is an incredible way to journey through the heart of Russia.

One of the most famous railways in the world, the Trans-Siberian Railway is thousands of kilometres long, running from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, with an important junction to the Trans-Mongolian Railway.

Imperial Russia Client Review

Feedback from Club Members who travelled on Imperial Russia, Beijing - Moscow, July 2019 in VIP class

"The Director and her Team were fantastic. I am a frequent traveler, at least twice a year on holiday and also on business. To me Customer Service is very important especially when on holiday, because you are stuck for the duration of the holiday, not like business.

The Tour Director, who was also our group Leader, was truly an Ambassador for your company going the extra mile to make sure everyone was comfortable and was enjoying the trip.

Well done, keep it up."

Imperial Russia Accommodations

VIP Suite

Imperial Russia from the Luxury Train Club

Imperial Russia VIP Suite Luxury Train Club

The VIP suites on the Imperial Russia have comfortable seating in the form of a sofa and an armchair. During the evening they are converted into upper and lower berths. A wardrobe allows one to store clothes and luggage and there are individual air conditioning controls.

There is a private bathroom en suite with shower for each Suite, wash basin, toilet and provided bathrobe and slippers. There are also toilets at the end of the carriage. There is a hair dryer in each VIP cabin.

Business Class

Imperial Russia Business Class Suite Luxury Train Club

Imperial Russia Business Class Suite Luxury Train Club

Business Class cars have two-seat compartments with an area of 5.5 sqm., a table and armchair along with individual air conditioning controls. There is a transformable sofa and a foldaway upper berth. Private en-suite wet room with a washbasin, toilet and shower.

First Class Plus

Imperial Russia First Class Plus Cabin Luxury Train Club

Imperial Russia First Class Plus Cabin Luxury Train Club

These cabins have bunk beds with a table and a chair. There is shared shower and washing facilities between cabins and toilets at the end of the carriages. There is no hair dryer in First Class Plus.

Restaurant Cars

The Imperial Russia has two elegant dining cars, one in opulent gold upholstery, the other in a rich red and gold upholstery. The large panoramic windows provide amazing vistas whilst passengers enjoy traditional cuisine.

Bar Car

The Imperial Russia bar car is a great place to relax and settle into the unhurried pace of life on board and unwind in comfortable surroundings whilst watching the Russian landscape go by. The carriage is separated by a decorative partition, thus giving two comfortable areas where one can eat, dance or relax.

Imperial Russia Itineraries 2019/2020

Moscow to Beijing on Imperial Russia

Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan Ude, Ulan Bator, Erlian, Beijing.

Imperial Train Moscow / Beijing route map Luxury Train Club

14 days/13 nights (three nights in hotels and one in a yurt)

Day 1 Moscow. Transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Day 2 Moscow. After breakfast at the hotel, there is a City tour which includes a visit to the amazing Kremlin, a treasure house of magnificent art, after which we walk along Arbat Street which was created in the 15th century, thus laying claim to being one of the oldest surviving streets of the capital. There is a visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, with its beautiful interior and its copper domes that dominate the skyline, followed by a tour of the famous metro stations, each one a delight of artist achievement. We join the 'Imperial Russia' Train to settle in as it travels overnight to Kazan.

Day 3 Kazan. This picturesque Tartar capital with its beautiful colourful domes is situated on the banks of the Volga. There is a Grand city tour of 'Old Kazan', followed by a visit to the Kazan Kremlin and a delicious lunch of Tartar cuisine. We rejoin the train for dinner whilst travelling to Yekaterinburg.

Day 4 Yekaterinburg. The city tour is dedicated to the final days of the last Russian Emperor and his family, Tsar Nicholas II. There is a visit to the Church on Blood which was built in memory of the tragic events. We also visit the orthodox monastery with temples that are considered to be pearls of Russian construction. Luncheon is taken before going to the Europe/Asia boundary where one can stand with a foot in each continent. As we depart Yekaterinburg, dinner is served on the way to Novosibirsk.

Day 5 Novosibirsk. Breakfast is taken as the train arrives in Novosibirsk, a city of academic science. It has not lost the charm of its past, which is shown in the Bark, Sun and Train museum. We visit these and the Opera House, as well as ancient streets and the Ob River. Departing Novosibirsk, dinner is served on the train as it travels overnight to Irkutsk.

Day 6 is spent on board as the train continues its journey to Irkutsk.

Day 7 Irkutsk. Called the 'Paris of Siberia', with its classic wooden architecture and the Decembrist House museum, which is dedicated to the memory of the exiled aristocrats, forced to flee to this remote outpost after the failed revolution of 1825. We visit this museum as well as the “wooden lace" house, also called the “House of Europe", before wandering the amazing streets of the city. There is free time at the 130 Quarter (Irkutskaya Sloboda), with reconstructed buildings from the 19th century. Visit to the Talsty ethnographic museum located in a picturesque place on the right bank of the Angara river. Dinner in a local restaurant after which overnight travel to Baikal.

Day 8 Baikal. Arriving after breakfast, we take the ferry to the Listvyanka village, the closest settlement to Irkutsk on the shores of Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world and known as the Pearl of Siberia with its unique breed of freshwater seal. Enjoy a picnic lunch and go on to the Chersky Stone observation point with a beautiful view of the southern part of the lake and the source of the Angara River. Visit Baikal Museum which displays the flora and fauna of the lake. We continue our journey to Ulan Ude.

Day 9 Ulan Ude. There is a sightseeing tour of this city which is on the cross-roads of Russia with China and Mongolia, full of ethnic and cultural diversity. There are visits to some wonderful churches and a welcome to a traditional Buryat family, where one can learn how to cook the traditional dish 'posy', try on a Buryat costume, and learn how to use a bow or play dice. Our journey continues overnight to Ulan Bator.

Day 10 Ulan Bator. After visiting the Zaisan Memorial from the top of which you can observe the panoramic view of Ulan Bator and the river Tola, there is a transfer to Terelj National Park, where one settles into a yurk before lunch. After lunch take an excursion to the turtle rock to see the beautiful scenery of the surrounding area. There is a visit to a Mongolian nomadic family where one can try traditional food and have the option of riding for an hour. Dinner is served after which watch the sun set in the wide steppe. Accommodation in Yurts.

Day 11 Ulan Bator. Returning to Ulan Bator, we visit the well-known Buddhist Monastery Gandan, where the famous 26.5-meter-high golden statue of Migjid Janraisig is located. There is a visit to the Palace-museum of Bogd Khan Uul, with its 8,124 exhibits, and a trip to the largest square in the world, Sukhbaatar Square. Then we visit the Museum of Natural History and the State Museum of History of Mongolia. Lunch is a Mongolian BBQ, after which there is a folklore show. Rejoin the train for the overnight journey to Erlian.

Day 12 Erlian. Train change for the Chinese train.

Day 13/14 Beijing. Arriving in Beijing we leave the train and transfer to the hotel. The two days include tours of: the Great Wall of China, Tian'anmen Square, the Imperial Palace Gugun (The Forbidden City), which was the main Palace complex of the Chinese Emperors from the XV to the beginning of XX century, of the Ming and Qing dynasty. Visit the Temple of Heaven - a place, where Chinese Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasty annually staged the rituals of sacrifice to the Sky. Park of Nationalities of China, where the architecture, domestic institutions and exhibits reflect the way of life of large and small ethnic groups in China.

Day 15 Beijing. After a final night in the hotel, transfers are available to take you to the airport.

Beijing to Moscow on Imperial Russia

Beijing – Erlian – Ulan Bator – Ulan Ude – Lake Baikal – Irkutsk – Novosibirsk – Yekaterinburg – Kazan – Moscow

The tour guide will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. Hotels: 1 night in Moscow at the Baltschug Kempinski 5* and 2 nights in Beijing at the Regent 5* or similar plus 1 night in a yurt, (the rest on the train).

Please go here for the full itinerary.

Dates and Prices 2020

Moscow to Beijing 2020: 21 June-5 July. 16 August- 30 August

Beijing to Moscow 2020: 29 June-13 July. 24 August-7 September

VIP Suite €10,800 pp sharing €7,300 single supplement
Business Class €10,070 pp sharing €6,800 single supplement

Vladivostok to Moscow on Imperial Russia

Vladivostok – Ulan Ude – Lake Baikal – Irkutsk – Novosibirsk – Yekaterinburg – Kazan- Moscow. Or Moscow to Vladivostok

Imperial Train Moscow Vladivostok Trans-Siberian Luxury Train Club route map

13 days/12 nights (two in hotels). Vladivostok hotel is Hyudai 4* Hotel, Moscow hotel is Baltschug Kempinski 5*

Day 1 Arrive in Vladivostok and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 Vladivostok. There is a city tour that includes the following main attractions: View point at Egersheld and the lighthouse at Egersheld cape; the railway and marine station; Central Square with the monuments to the fighters; the Fortress Museum. Lunch is served at a sea food restaurant followed by excursions to Russky Island, where there is a guided tour. Following dinner, one is transferred to the “Imperial Russia" train.

Day 3 and 4. On the train

Day 5 Ulan-Ude with the itinerary as per the Beijing to Moscow itinerary above. Dinner on board.

Day 6 Lake Baikal with the itinerary as per the Beijing to Moscow itinerary above. Dinner on board.

Day 7 Irkutsk with the itinerary as per the Beijing to Moscow itinerary above. Dinner in a restaurant in Irkutsk.

Day 8. On the train

Day 9 Novosibirsk with the itinerary as per the Beijing to Moscow itinerary above. Dinner on board.

Day 10 Yekaterinburg with the itinerary as per the Beijing to Moscow itinerary above. Dinner on board.

Day 11 Kazan with the itinerary as per the Beijing to Moscow itinerary above. Dinner on board.

Day 12 Moscow with the itinerary as per the Beijing to Moscow itinerary above. Dinner in a restaurant and hotel check-in.

Day 13. Breakfast at the hotel followed by departure transfers.

Moscow to Vladivostok on Imperial Russia

Moscow-Kazan-Yekaterinburg-Novosibirsk-Irkutsk-Lake Baikal-Ulan Ude-Vladivostok

The full itinerary is here.

Dates and Prices 2020

Vladivostok to Moscow 2020: 2 June-15 June. 30 July-12 August

Moscow to Vladivostok 2020: 22 May-4 June. 19 July-1 August

VIP Suite €10,700 pp sharing €7,200 single supplement
Business Class €9,970 pp sharing €6,750 single supplement

Northern Lights New Year or February

Moscow - St Petersburg - Petrozavodsk - Murmansk - Vologda - Moscow

Imperial Russia Northern Lights

10 days/9 nights ( 2 nights at a Moscow hotel and 2 nights at a Murmansk hotel)

Day 1 - Moscow - Welcome to Moscow. Transfer from airport to a hotel, yet to be advised.

Day 2 - Moscow - Breakfast at the hotel, followed by a city tour. Lunch followed by a visit to the Kremlin which is a symbol of the Russian State, one of the greatest architectural complexes in the world and a treasure house of magnificent relics and monuments of art. Dinner

Day 3 - Moscow - Breakfast at the hotel followed by a visit to Kolomenskoe to absorb.Lunch is followed by a shopping visit to Arbat Street, the oldest street in Moscow. Then we join the Imperial Train for our departure to St Petersburg.

Day 4 - St Petersburg - Arriving in St. Petersburg we enjoy a Grand City Tour, featuring the 'Highlights of the Northern Venice' with a visit to Kazan Cathedral, St. Peter & Paul’s Fortress and Cathedral, St. Isaak Cathedral and a tour of Pushkin Town. Following lunch there is a tour to Tsarskoe Selo Summer residence and a visit to the Petrovskaya Akvatoria. Dinner is followed by a romantic night tour. Departure to Petrozavodsk.

Day 5 - Petrozavodsk - Arriving in Petrozavodsk, we have a tour of the village of Kinerma, followed by lunch. Then a city tour includes a visit to the museum of the fine arts of Karelia, followed by our departure to Murmansk, with dinner on board and a vodka tasting.

Imperial Russia Northern Lights, New Year 2019/2020

Day 6 - Murmansk - Breakfast on board as the train arrives in Murmansk. Transfer to the hotel (to be advised) and lunch which is followed by a sightseeing tour of the city including icebreaker “Lenin”, soldier memorial, sailor memorial and local bridges. Return to the hotel to prepare for the New Year Celebrations.

Dinner and Entertainment programme.

Day 7 - Murmansk - Late breakfast! There is a tour to Russia Father Frost House (photo with him), dog sledge, games and activities. Lunch with Father Frost. Free time and dinner later on.

Day 8 - onboard - Breakfast at the hotel before the departure to Vologda followed by time on the train, with various activities arranged or just quiet time.

Day 9 - Vologda - Breakfast and lunch on board before arrival in Vologda. New Year City Tour with a visit to the Kremlin and its territory. Dinner with the departure to Moscow.

Jan 4 Moscow - Arrival in Moscow and the end of the trip, with transfers to hotels or the airport

Contact us for the full itinerary

Dates and Prices 2019 / 2020

2019 / 2020: 26 December – 4 January 2020; 14 – 23 February 2020

VIP €6,200 per person sharing €5,125 single supplement
Business Class €5,900 per person sharing €4,875 single supplement
First Class Plus €4,900 per person sharing €4,250 single supplement

Imperial Russia General Information

Included: Hotels where appropriate. Met at airport by a tour guide. Transfers – from airport to hotel and return to airport. Porterage between hotels and stations. Luggage service at stations. Excursions with guides catering for each language. Tour director (English speaking). Doctor on board. Tea/coffee throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Towels, bathrobe and slippers available onboard the train.

Excluded: Meals on the day of arrival and departure; drinks ordered in the bar car.

Electrics: 220v

Luggage: There is limited storage space inside the cabin for luggage storage. Soft-topped luggage is easier to store. Clients can have assistance to store their luggage.

Gratuities: Tipping is at your discretion. There is no recommendation, however 20-25 USD per person for a whole trip is fine. Guide lines for local tour guides is 4-5 USD per person per day for a whole day tour, half for a half day tour

Dress Code: During the day, dress is casual both on and off the train. In the evening we suggest smart casual.

Laundry: This can be done for about EURO 5 per piece.

Visas: These are not included. Please take into consideration the time needed to obtain visas and the number required depending on which countries the train passes through. Single entry tourist visa support letters for Russia, Mongolia and China are provided. Russian Railway Tours / Luxury Train Club is not responsible for passengers who have incorrect or expired visas.

Changes: Tours may be subject to change.

Insurance: Requirement of medical and travel insurance for the whole duration of the Tour.

Vaccinations: Please consult your doctor for specific health advice, due to the different countries in this Tour.

Unforeseen events/changes: itineraries, routes and times may change at any time for reasons outside the control of the train company. Every effort will be made by train staff to minimise any impact; the Luxury Train Club cannot accept any responsibility for any changes. The Club aims to keep itineraries as up to date as possible.

Photos and Train Layout: Photos are illustrative. For operational reasons, Imperial Russia cars used may be different from those shown in photos on this web page. In order to run with smaller groups, Imperial Russia cars may be attached to (but inaccessible from) regular scheduled trains.

Imperial Russia Booking & Reservations

Please contact us for further information about the Imperial Russia or to book a trans-siberian journey. Sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed of interesting trains and special offers.

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