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Train Chartering - Luxury Train Club ABTA member

Luxury Train Club ABTA members

The Train Chartering Company Ltd - ABTA member

Train Chartering is the company that owns The Luxury Train Club.

Luxury Train Club ABTA

ABTA membership has been granted to Train Chartering with the following numbers:

Luxury Train Club - ABTA member

Train Chartering's ABTA no.- retail business

P6704 for retail sales through The Luxury Train Club and World Train Travel

Train Chartering's ABTA no. Y6165 for Train Chartering's business as a 'Principal'

Train Chartering / Luxury Train Club ABTA memberships provides the following benefits to you, if a UK-resident customer:

- Your monies are protected by the ABTA scheme of financial protection. This means that in the unlikely event of Train Chartering failing and your holiday can no longer go ahead, you will be entitled to a refund if you are yet to travel or to hotel costs and transport home if you are abroad.

Why book with the Luxury Train Club as an ABTA member? Here is a video produced by ABTA.

- In addition, Train Chartering as an ABTA Member is also bound to comply with the ABTA Code of Conduct, which ensures high service standards and fair terms of trading. Booking with an ABTA Member also gives you recourse should you have a problem or complaint with Train Chartering, World Train Travel or The Luxury Train Club.

Read ABTA's travel protection checklist here.

About World Train Travel:

Eurostar, First Class Rail Passes and more: USA, Europe, UK, Japan, Australia

The Club's sister site, World Train Travel offers tickets (including Eurostar - the Channel Tunnel train) and rail passes.

A rail pass allows travel in designated regions for a stated period; First Class is available. Buy rail tickets and passes before travel; avoid ticket offices. Train Chartering / World Train Travel - ABTA P6704.

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