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What Is Luxury Train Travel?

What Is Luxury Train Travel?

What is luxury train travel? What do these journeys involve? How long are they?

Luxury trains vary from the iconic Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, to the 15-day journeys on the Trans-Siberian, to the adventurous Tren Crucero Ecuador and to the day excursions on London’s luxury train the British Pullman. Around 30 luxury trains around the world differ one from the other.

This variety means a novice can find a trip to suit their needs. If the choice is too difficult, we at the Luxury Train Club can help focus down to a smaller choice.

For elegance, the Orient Express or Royal Scotsman, for Irish charm and fine dining - Belmond Grand Hibernian, UNESCO icons and a melt of cultures in Spain’s Andalusia on Al Andalus, our South American trains in the Andes of Peru and Ecuador, sophisticated Eastern & Oriental Express in South East Asia, the Maharajas’ Express in India – just as you would imagine.

Out of this world travel on Seven Stars in Kyushu.

On every continent on which there are train tracks, through more than 35 countries, from the Arctic Circle to South Australia, from Vladivostok going west until your reach Vancouver.

Every one of the luxury trains we offer is available for private charter. This can be popular with multi-generational travel by families or VIP corporate clients.

Elegance or the ultimate in smart casual, dip in for a day of pampered dining, dip out for the sort of journey that inspires the author in you, hang out in the bar car until the early hours or retire to your beautifully-appointed suite with private bathroom, take time to re-discover the importance of quality time with someone special, enjoy your own company at your own pace, with discrete professional service – sincere not obsequious – from staff who are strangely bonded with ‘their’ train they want you to enjoy, observe regions not easily visited by car, visit sites from Neolithic to classical to palatial to wild, meet indigenous peoples and world citizens, make new friends from around the world (and observe characters who will make it into that novel you are inspired to write).

How Long Is A Luxury Train Trip?

Trips – half a day, a day, 2 days, 3 – 6 days, 10 – 15 days

What Is Included On A Luxury Train Journey?

Inclusions vary but typically full board and accommodation, off-train visits, on-train entertainment.

Why is this luxury train travel popular?

Choice with variety, the sense that you as guest is valued by train staff and the communities you meet along the way, almost everyone likes something about train travel – and generally what they like about train travel can be found by travelling on a luxury train.

Aspirational but accessible.

What can I expect from a luxury train journey?

Going with high expectations.

Luxuriating in wish-fulfillment.

Returning with fond memories.


Contact us for more answers to the question: what is luxury train travel. The Luxury Train Club are the experts, let us share our knowledge of luxury train travel with you.

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