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Orient Express Luxury Train Tickets

Pullman Orient Express 
Orient Express Luxury Train Club

Orient Express Luxury Train Tickets

The name Orient Express is owned by SNCF, the French national railway company.

It is incorrect and arguably illegal for a travel agency to use the name Orient Express for any non-SNCF luxury train. This includes any train operated by Belmond.

Some travel agencies use 'Orient Express Luxury Train Tickets' in their marketing to describe various luxury trains.

About Orient Express, SNCF trademark

Luxury Trains & Orient Express

Three luxury trains are historically associated with the name Orient Express. These trains were operated by Orient-Express Hotels Ltd which was, in March 2014, re-branded Belmond. The right to use the Orient Express name was given up at this point. Go here for information about the re-branding of the Orient Express to Belmond and the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Most people still think of these trains as Orient Express. This is exploited by certain travel agencies.

Belmond British Pullman

Belmond British Pullman not correctly known as the orient express

Belmond British Pullman, from London, day trips / dining trips and occasional weekend breaks. The Belmond British Pullman operates the UK section of the classic London / Venice route; the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express takes passengers onwards in Europe.

Northern Belle

Northern Belle incorrectly known as orient express

Northern Belle, from stations throughout Britain, day trips / dining trips and occasional weekend breaks. Northern Belle has new management (Nov 2017).

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express champagne bar

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. London to Paris / Venice, Venice to various stations, Paris, London. Day trips London / Paris or Paris / London. The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the modern day equivalent of the classic 'orient express' trains.

Orient-Express A Personal Journey

Orient-Express A Personal Journey

The story of the re-birth of the Orient-Express as told by the entrepreneur James B. Sherwood with Ivan Fallon - Orient-Express A Personal Journey - 320 pages: ISBN 978-1-84954-187-9: Robson Press, 2012

When the fabled Orient-Express train, which had carried the rich and the famous (as well as some highly suspicious characters) across Europe in superb style for nearly a century, was taken out of service in 1977, James B. Sherwood bought two of its 1920s luxury sleeping cars at auction. He then spent $31 million meticulously restoring the 'world's most celebrated train', which was relaunched in 1982 running along the original route of the Simplon-Orient-Express from London and Paris to Venice. Sherwood, known as 'the father of container leasing', made his first fortune from the Sea Containers company that he started in 1965. The purchase of the Hotel Cipriani in 1976 and the Orient-Express carriages a year later marked his entry into an entirely new business which became Orient-Express Hotels with fifty exceptional properties in twenty-four countries.

SNCF and the Orient Express Trademark

SNCF and the Orient Express

This is a webpage about the Orient Express by SNCF.

About Orient Express, SNCF trademark and Orient Express Luxury Train Tickets

SNCF has partnered with French-owned Accor Hotels to develop a new brand with SNCF's Orient Express property, Orient Express, featuring hotels, the train and lifestyle complements. There will be 10 Orient Express hotels by 2030. The Orient Express train is available for private or corporate charter or for movie / photo locations.

SNCF zealously guards its right to use Orient Express for products and services, particular regarding train operations. Belmond has the contractual duty to ensure none of its partners or contractors abuse SNCF's Orient Express trademark.

Orient Express on Wikipedia

Although not up to date, this Wikipedia entry about Orient Express is useful background.


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