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Belmond Northern Belle Carriages

Belmond Northern Belle - Belvoir 
Belmond Northern Belle carriages Luxury Train Club
Belmond Northern Belle carriages Luxury Train Club
Belmond-Northern-Belle Carriages Luxury Train Club
Belmond-Northern-Belle-carriages-Luxury Train Club
Belmond-Northern-Belle-carriages-Luxury Train Club
Belmond-Northern-Belle-carriages-Chatsworth ceiling detail
Belmond-Northern-Belle-carriages-Luxury Train Club

Belmond Northern Belle Carriages

The Belmond Northern Belle has day return journeys and fine dining trips in England, Scotland and Wales.

Belmond Northern Belle carriages Luxury Train Club

Go here to find your nearest Northern Belle Stations.

The interiors of the Northern Belle carriages have many examples of exquisite marquetry by a family firm (founded 1895) that also produced panels for the original Belle train services of the 1930s.

Belmond Northern Belle Carriages plan Luxury Train Club

Each of the Northern Belle carriages has 42 seats. These are in 7 bays of 6 seats, 2 at a table on one side of the aisle and 4 per table on the other.

These are the Belmond Northern Belle carriages, not necessarily in the order in which they run in the train.

Alnwick (No. 3273)

Decoration: marquetry motif of Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, inlaid with oak, boxwood, yew, sycamore and walnut. Alnwick is pronounced as Annick.

The Duke and Duchess of Northumberland's residence, Alnwick is the second-largest inhabited castle in England (after Windsor Castle). Alnwick features in a number of movies, notable Harry Potter and Elizabeth.

Belvoir (No. 3267)

Decoration: marquetry motif of honeybees and flowers inlaid with Indian rosewood, oak, pomelle, sycamore, madrone burr and walnut. Named for Belvoir Castle (pronounced Beaver) in Leicestershire.

The castle is Norman with Regency Gothic alterations. Belvoir is the ancestral home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland. It is known for priceless artworks and Italian-style gardens.

Chatsworth (No. 3247)

Belmond Northern Belle carriages Luxury Train Club

Decoration: marquetry motif of the façade of the Derbyshire stately home Chatsworth House, inlaid with yew-tree burr, sycamore, walnut, maple and satinwood. Go here to see work by artist Chris Shields. Chatsworth is the residence of the Duke of Devonshire. The furnishings and fabrics of the carriage match those to be expected in one of England's most stately country houses.

Glamis (No. 3174)

Decoration: marquetry motif of Glamis Castle near Dundee in Scotland, inlaid with sycamore, madrona burr, yew, pear tree and boxwood. Glamis (pronounced Glarms) is the historic seat of the Bowes-Lyon family. The most famous member of this family was Elizabeth, queen to King George VI and mother to Her Majesty the Queen and who became the Queen Mother.

Harlech (No. 3275)

Decoration: marquetry motif of Harlech Castle in north Wales and daffodils, inlaid with maple, boxwood, sycamore and European walnut. Edward 1 of England built Harlech 1283 - 1295 during his invasion of Wales. It is now owned, ironically, by the Welsh Government.

Warwick (No. 3182)

Decoration: marquetry motif of Warwick Castle, in Warwickshire, inlaid with walnut, boxwood, satinwood and maple. William the Conqueror built the first castle in 1068. Almost a thousand years later, Warwick (pronounced Warrick) is now owned by Merlin Entertainments, which also has Madame Tussaud's.

Duart (No. 325)

Decoration: marquetry motif of Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull in Scotland and pink heather, on walnut. Ceiling painted with mural of Scottish flora and fauna. Go here to see this work by artist Chris Shields. Duart is the home of Sir Lachlan Maclean, the 28th Chief of the Clan Maclean. Duart was built in the 13th century. The ruin of Duart Castle was purchased in 1911 by the current owner's Great Grandfather, Colonel Sir Fitzroy Maclean.


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Looking For The 'Orient Express'?

What happened to the 'orient express'? Belmond is the re-branded name. For the official explanation - Orient Express? go here.


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