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Spanish Luxury Train FAQs


Spanish luxury train FAQs from the Luxury Train Club

Spanish Luxury Train FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Spanish Luxury Trains.

What are the Spanish Luxury Trains?

El Transcantabrico and Al Andalus trains follow routes of between 3 and 7 nights aboard genuine railway classics, making travel a unique and unforgettable experience. These Spanish Luxury Train FAQs will be a useful guide for your journey. We aim to keep the information up to date.

Al Andalus

El Transcantabrico Clasico

El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo

Which routes do Spanish Luxury Trains follow?

How long are the Spanish Luxury Trains journeys?

El Transcantabrico does a rail cruise along two basic routes along the north of Spain. One is the route from San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela, while the other departs from León, passes through Bilbao, and then also follows the route to Santiago. Both itineraries last 8 days and 7 nights and can be undertaken in either direction. There may also be the option to do only partial routes of 3, 4 or 5 nights in duration.

Al Andalus, meanwhile, does various routes throughout Spain, with (as of March 2017) the following itineraries:

  • Andalusia Seville round trip (6 nights)
  • Extremadura Route - Seville / Madrid or Madrid / Seville (5 nights)
  • Spain, South to North - Seville to Santiago de Compostela (8 nights)

There are also other tourist trains, such as:

  • The La Robla Express, with two itineraries: the La Robla Route (up to 3 nights) and the Paraíso Infinito Route (weekend).
  • Train and Breakfast, a new tourism product equivalent to a hotel on the move. ·

Overview of Spain's luxury trains is here.

3) How do I book a Spanish Luxury Train journey?

Contact us.

Póngase en contacto

4) How to Hire a Spanish Luxury Train

From Train Chartering:

  • For group charters for companies or incentive schemes, where the client defines the route, the stopovers, the duration, etc.
  • For events, conferences, seminars or presentations, where the train provides a unique and original backdrop
  • For shoots or commercials, for instance for a film or a fashion catalogue.

5) How to get to the Spanish Luxury Train?

Costs for travel to the departure points are borne by the client except as below.

Up to 50% discounted first or tourist class RENFE rail travel in Spain 2017, to departure stations and from arrival stations; discount code provided for on-line self-booking. Discount depends on fare type. This is a RENFE offer, which may change without notice. Conditions in General Information. 2018 to be confirmed.

6) What is included in the price of a Spanish Luxury Train?

The Luxury Trains offer a complete service that includes accommodation on board the train in en suite compartments, breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner in top restaurants or on board enjoying the finest Spanish cuisine (and including wine, coffee and liqueurs), excursions with entrance fees to museums, cathedrals etc, a multilingual guide throughout the tour, newspapers and magazines, entertainment on board, a dedicated luxury bus service for transfers, and an on board security service.

In addition, clients travelling in Deluxe Suites (Transcantábrico) and Superior Suites (Al Andalus) get free non-alcoholic beverages throughout the trip, and have the option of enjoying two private dinners/lunches in their compartment.

7) Cancellation

Clients may cancel bookings at any time and are entitled to a refund. Depending on when the cancellation takes place, a percentage of the fare will be retained.

  • Cancellation with more than 31 days' notice: 15%
  • Cancellation with between 30 and 15 days' notice: 25%
  • Cancellation with between 14 and 5 days' notice: 50%
  • Cancellation with between 4 and 1 day's notice: 80%
  • Cancellation less than 24 hrs before the trip or non-arrival: 100%

8) Are the trains secure?

Spain is generally a safe country. In addition, our trains have a security service and there are also security guards placed at all stations.

9) What are the suites like?

The Spanish Luxury Trains have comfortable and spacious suites, specially designed for relaxation and privacy. The exquisite and carefully selected décor, typical of the Belle Epoque, has been further enhanced with modern amenities and the latest technological advances.

El Transcantabrico

Clients travelling on El Transcantábrico can choose between two types of suites or rooms:

Deluxe Suite

In terms of design, space, quality and modern features the Deluxe Suites need not be shy of comparisons with rooms at even the most prestigious five-star establishments.

Junior Suite

A room fully equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay on board.

Al Andalus

Al Andalus also has two types of suites / rooms:

Gran Lujo Suite, also known as Superior and Deluxe

Spacious and elegant suite, which combines the comforts of the 21st century with the original appearance of this historic train. Perfectly laid out for rest, privacy and relaxation during both nighttime and daytime.

Junior Suite

A charming room, which retains the dimensions and Belle Epoque charm of the original compartments.

10) Internet and TV

There are television sets in the communal lounges of the trains. Internet is available in the salons, which feature a wifi connection and a free computer at the disposal of travellers. Wifi works best when the train is stationary in stations.

Transcantabrico Deluxe Suites also feature wifi and an LCD screen for DVD playback through a computer.

11) Meals

Breakfast is served on board and consists of both a table service and a varied buffet, all prepared with high quality products. The breakfast menu includes a wide variety of items that are freshly prepared to order.

Lunch and dinner are a combination of onboard meals and meals in first class restaurants. In either case there is a selection of premium cuisine on offer, with dishes typical of the areas the train is travelling through.

12) Dietary requirements

As long as prior notice is given, preferably in writing at the time of booking, Trenes Turísticos will ensure that meals tailored to the indicated needs and preferences are made available.

13) Can one order a la carte?

The menus are planned and established beforehand. Nevertheless, should a traveller wish a lighter meal, this can be arranged by speaking to the trip supervisor.

14) Medical services on board

All trains have a first aid kit on board, and the crew has been trained in its use. Furthermore, we are in continuous contact with health centres located along the different routes, in the case of a traveller needing medical attention.

15) No Smoking

Legislation prohibits smoking on public transport. However, the individual journeys do not exceed 3-4 hours at a stretch.

16) Pets

No pets are allowed, other than guide dogs accompanying their owner.

17) Dress Code

No, travellers can dress as they prefer. Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended for the daytime excursions and outings. For dinner at nighttime, passengers tend to dress more formally, although no particular dress code is required at any time.

Do take note that to gain access to the Santander Casino on the routes that include that city, there is a requirement for more elegant dress (suit and tie are not required, but shorts or sneakers, for instance, are not allowed)

18) Tips / Gratuities

There is no obligation to tip staff. Clients who wish to tip are welcome to do so at their discretion.

19) Currency

The legal currency in Spain is the Euro.

20) Travel Insurance

Trenes Turísticos de Lujo only carries the Compulsory Passenger Insurance (SOV in Spanish). It is therefore strongly recommended to take out a specific travel insurance to cover any cancellation or similar fees.

Member services for Club members include partnerships for travel insurance. There is an alternative insurance offer for UK residents here.

21) Mobility Issues

The trains, although refurbished and equipped with the latest technology, are still vintage models, and the interiors are laid out in a way that makes it impossible to move around by wheelchair or walker.

Nevertheless travel would be possible for a person with reduced mobility who is reasonably self-sufficient or travelling together with another passenger, and who only requires the support of a wheelchair once off the train. In this case, if so desired and giving reasonable notice when booking, a wheelchair can be made available to the client. It is however important that such persons do not travel unassisted, and that their travel companion is available to help with boarding, push the wheelchair etc, as there is no dedicated staff available for this purpose.

22) Does the train travel at night?

No. At night, the train remains stationary at the station or halt, in order to ensure a good night's sleep.

23) Can the windows in the suites be opened?

The windows have a safety stop and can therefor not be opened completely. However all the trains are fitted with both air conditioning and heating.

24) Babies in Cots

Only the Deluxe Suites on the Transcantabrico and Al Andalus trains offer enough space for parents to be able to place a travel cot.

25) Child Fares

When travelling with a child, a supplement or set price depending on the chosen train, will be charged. We will tell you about the possible accommodation arrangements and special prices in these cases.

26) Are there umbrellas?

Yes, we have umbrellas available for all passengers.

27) Identity Documents

All travellers must have documentation confirming their identity. For foreigners, the documentation required for travelling by train is the same as that required to enter Spain from the country of origin. Spanish citizens may identify themselves with their national identity card or passport.

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Contact the Luxury Train Club about these Spanish Luxury Train FAQs or to book.

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