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Private Rail Cars Asia, Canada, Europe, North America, United States

Carriage El Transcantabrico Gran Lujo double 3 sm
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Life’s a Journey – Travel in Luxury


Is there a better way to travel?


Fay says, “More than simply timeless elegance, or an extraordinary railroad journey, private rail cars give you one thing above all: the luxury of time alone with the people who matter the most.”

A private rail car / carriage is ideal for dressing a long dining table

Dressed for dinner in a private rail car

About Private Rail Cars

There are various types of private rail car or carriage, broadly as follows:

1. Luxury or First Class private carriage attached to a public train.

2. Luxury carriage in a luxury train, hired for exclusive use.

3. First Class carriage in a public train, hired for exclusive use.

4. First Class carriage in a special or touring train, hired for exclusive use.

The above may apply to both day trains and trains with sleeping accommodation, and are generally limited to one or two cars for between 2 and 80 passengers.

How Much Is A Private Rail Car Rental?

The cost of private rail cars depends on many factors, but start from a minimum of around GBP 3,150 / USD 5,000 / EUR 3,850 per car per day, excluding catering and other on-board services.  A more complex route or planning process will increase the cost.

Who Hires Private Rail Cars?


US private rail car Overland Trail for day travel or with a sleeper car

Overland Trail is a family-friendly private rail car

Family Trips & Vacations

A private train carriage offers a spacious and comfortable environment for entire families – whether as a tour holiday in its own right or as part of a travel programme.

Private rail cars are ideal for grandparents who want quality time with rarely-seen grandchildren.


Private rail cars like the Georgia 300 provide a safe and comfortable environment for VIP tarvel

Georgia 300 – used for presidential travel

VIP Train Travel

Private rail cars provide complete privacy, plenty of space and a secure environment for VIPs and celebrities.


Launch of the movie City of Ember on board a private rail car

An unusual venue for a media launch

PR, Media & Marketing

For PR events, press conferences and journeys with multiple stops, private train cars offer spectacular publicity opportunities along with secluded privacy as required.


South Africa's Blue Train has a conferecne car for private meetings

An imaginative meeting venue helps creativity


For board meetings, business conferences and negotiations, private rail cars are a dynamic and unusual approach to securing quality time alone with the people who matter.


Medical or No-Fly Travel

In some instances, a private rail car may be the optimal means of comfortable travel between destinations where flights are not an option.


Where Are The Private Rail Cars?

Here are some of the countries in which private rail cars can be chartered, with a selection of rail cars.  Contact the Luxury Train Club if you are seeking a carriage hire elsewhere.




United Kingdom

Rest of The World


Featured Private Rail Car Tour

Here you will, from time to time, find details of pre-arranged tours in private rail cars.

50% Discount Special

50% Discount Special – Australia – Private Carriages ‘Chairman’s Carriage’ or ‘Sir John Forrest Carriage’  attached to the Indian Pacificor the Ghan

50% Discount Special – Availability as at 25th March 2014CHAIRMAN’S CARRIAGE (Up to 8 Guests)
Train Date RoutePer Person  *
Indian PacificThu 01 May 2014Adelaide to Perth$1,215
Indian PacificTue 20 May 2014Adelaide to Sydney$695
The GhanSun 10 Aug 2014Adelaide to Darwin$1,525
Indian PacificTue 26 Aug 2014Adelaide to Sydney$695
Indian PacificSun 07 Sep 2014Perth to Adelaide$1,215
Indian PacificSun 05 Oct 2014Adelaide to Perth$1,215
Indian PacificSat 11 Oct 2014Sydney to Adelaide$695

All fares, timetables and availability are subject to change without notice.

* For minimum 6 guests; please contact us for 7th & 8th guest pricing in Chairman’s Carriage.

Bookings can be accepted for less than 6 guests; however, fare payable is still based on a minimum of 6 guests.


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