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It has been our privilege to travel in some of the world’s greatest luxury trains.

We invite you to join the Luxury Train Club and benefit from our many years of  expertise, not just in luxury train travel but also private rail car rentals and private train charters.

Allow us to be your concierge service for a luxury rail holiday.

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About The Luxury Train Club

The Luxury Train Club is possibly unique in the rail business in presenting the large majority of luxury trains in one website.

This is a useful facility, both for  luxury train owners and those who appreciate that quality rail travel is the finest way to travel on earth.

Browse through our list of trains and contact us if you wish to make an enquiry or a booking.

Private Rail Cars

For those who prefer a more singular and private experience, our sister site Private Rail Cars explores the extraordinary possibilities of private carriage hire.  Private rail cars are usually priced from around US$9,000 per day .

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